You Have Never Seen It All

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It does not matter what you have seen or done as professional escort girl, or how shocked you were when you saw or did them for the first time, there is one absolute truth that you have to get used to: You have still not seen it all. A great many professional high class escort girls seem to believe that after they have been working away in the escort agency and sex business for a few years that they have experienced, see or heard of everything that the profession can bring them. The truth is that in really, that is just not the case. This industry will always bring along something that will shock the hell out of you. If human sexuality is infinite in its variety, and escorts are used to scratch itches that men can not get dealth with in the normal course of their love lives, then you can only imagine (olr may be you can not) what an escort is faced with.

No matter how long a woman might have been working as a professional escort girl, you can never precisely anticipate what to expect to be met with during a booking, no matter how vanilla the stated desires and requirements may be when the client makes a booking to meet the sexiest escort Geneva has to offer them. Clients always have the capacity to surprise you with their expectations, behaviour and their requests,. Indeed, the more the client gets to know a sex worker as they become regular bed partners, the more likely it is tht the client will open up and become more honest about their most pressing, secret and private desires.

Many clients will say things that you are totally unprepared for, no matter how long or seasoned your years in the business might have been. Apart from the verbal shocks, some clients will ask for a sex act or fetish that you have to look up in the urban dictionary. Every client is different, and no two experiences will be the same. As well as your clients being different to each other, their circumstances and yours can affect your bookings as well.

A wise escort will at all times work with the expectation that they will always be shocked by what ther clients bring to their “dates”. And, although the majority of the unexpected occurences of escorting are negative, many are positive. Lots of clients are wonderfully generous, kind and gentle.

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