Starting An Escort Agency

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The infancy period of any startup is especially volatile for those individuals that do not have any previous experience in running a business. There are a range of reasons why a startup can fail. However in our particular business, the escort business, my view is that most people just don’t see it as a business. Rather they see it as a way to make cash for today and never think about the future. Some are lucky and have the chance to morph from “part time, holiday business” to a “grown up business” but most fall by the wayside after just a few mouths. Longevity in business is the same no matter what the product or service you are offering. Only two out of ten startups mange to get past the first eighteen months of business. And in our very competitive industry I am sure the statistics are pretty much the same.

Having a plan – yes I really did say that – is vital if you want to successfully launch an escort service in our very competitive market. Whether you are working in a vast and buzzing market like London escorts, a smaller more local market such as representing Malaga escorts, or working in a high quality and pretigious market like Geneva, you have to plan your work and then work your plan.

Basically, approach the escort business as though it was a business. Because guess what? That is exactly what it is! If you think of it as a way to hang out with sexy women and get paid for it, you will fail. If you think that the life of a high class madam or pimp is filled with glamour as you hang out in VIP suites with celebrities and billionaires, you will fail. If you think it is easy, you will fail. If you do not plan and work to stay inside the law, you will fail. If you underestimate your competition or the work involved, you will fail. If you do not want to work hard with commitment, energy and brains for a long time and putting in gruelling hours, you will fail. If you think that the business does not need a lot of investment over a period of months and years to be successful, you will fail.

Honestly, the chances are that that you will fail. But that is true of any start up business. But at least in this industry the rewards can make all the risk worthwhile.

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